“To say we’re in LOVE with how our cabin is turning out is an understatement. We’re about halfway to the finish line and already head over heels.”

Carissa & Robert, @valleyview.cabin, a NorthEast v.2., in Jasper, Arkansas

“… we have spent the past 17 months building the cabin using the plans and have truely enjoyed the process. We have been so pleased with the plans and the house and how it has turned out.”

Mike & Winter, Raven Original, Adirondack Park, NY

“...while dreaming of buying some land in Maine and building our own cabin, I would scroll and scroll (and scroll) looking for design ideas, and would find individual things I liked but never a full vision. Until I saw the Ravenhouse. And I immediately thought ‘THIS!’ This is what I want it to feel like!”

Janice & Sean, @cozyrockcabin, a modified NorthEast, Freeport, Maine

“DREAM IT and then DO IT! I’m so in love with this design & I’m having a blast working on it with my Father”

Laura, Raven Original, Tennessee