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My greatest reward as a designer is creating architecture that not only serves its occupants with beauty and efficiency, but also meet the demands of the climate and landscape of its site, when the building works effectively with its place, as a part of the land itself.

I take a pragmatic approach to design, creating floor plans that are concise and efficient. I aim to create a maximum experience with a minimum footprint.

I am drawn to basic, unpretentious materials that weather naturally with time. I look to the building site itself for material and form inspiration. I often expose the structural framework in my designs, celebrating those required elements rather than hiding them from view.

I strive to create an architecture of authenticity, steering clear of passing fads to focus on forms and functionality that will remain relevant years from now.

Featured designs

the RavenHouse Original

The Analog Oasis

The quintessential getaway, the RavenHouse Original blends vintage cabin aesthetics with simple modern details.

the NorthEast

the deLuxe Oasis

Inspired by the classic good looks of traditional summer cabins and camps throughout eastern North America, the RavenHouse NorthEast’s soaring cathedral ceilings, fantastic acoustics, and ample natural daylighting will sooth and recharge you in a rare way

What folks are saying

“This cabin is outrageously cosy and comfortable...it is obviously stunning, but the thought, detail and functionality of this little oasis is incredible”

Ashleigh & Jeremy, Ontario

“...while dreaming of buying some land in Maine and building our own tiny cabin, I would scroll and scroll (and scroll) looking for design ideas, and would find individual things I liked but never a full vision. Until I saw the Ravenhouse. And I immediately thought ‘THIS!’ This is what I want it to feel like!”

Janice, North Carolina (RavenHouse ‘NorthEast’, in Maine)

“DREAM IT and then DO IT! I’m so in love with this design & I’m having a blast working on it with my Father”

Laura, RavenHouse ‘Original’, Tennessee