the RavenHouse Original AND the Original + bathroom


The Analog Oasis 

Best value: This download includes both versions of the Ravenhouse Original (with and without bathroom), in both imperial & metric dimensioning: you will receive 3 full sets of drawings with one purchase.

-Fully insulated

-Can be built on any type of foundation: piers, slab-on-grade, crawl-space, full basement

-Overall footprint, including the screened sleeping porch & open decks: 30’ x 28’

-Interior floor area: 501 sq ft/ Screened sleeping porch: 120 sq ft

-Two lofts

-Galley kitchen 

These are the blueprints for our original RavenHouse, featured widely in a variety of online articles, and in print, including the books Cabin Porn: Inside  and Tiny House: Live Small, Dream Big.

This design came about as a collection of ideas filed away over the years that I’d been wanting to try; as a carpenter, I wanted to build it alone, to enjoy the freedom to maintain my own pace and really enjoy the creative process.
I drew up the plans always thinking about the most straightforward, easy to build methods. 
I built the original, working alone, in 4 months; more hands should make the process even quicker.

The Original’s drawing set includes all four elevation views, two section views, plan views, and framing details.
The + bathroom version includes the original structural drawings, and both Imperial and metric dimensioned versions of the plans, so no matter where you live you’ll have all that you need to start building. Also included in the + bathroom version is a suggested kitchen layout and the window and doors schedule of recommended sizes, and 
a list of required structural materials.

Required skills: this design requires at least basic carpentry skills to execute; these are construction plans, not step-by-step instructions.

PDF files