the RavenMini


The RavenMini is a tiny version of the original RavenHouse cabin design — and with a 108 square foot (10m²) footprint, it does not require building permits in most jurisdictions.*

With a 9 × 12 ground floor, windows everywhere and a skylight over its 12’ x 12’loft space, there's a lot to love.

Build it as a kids play fort, guest bunkie, workshop, backyard office or zen shed; no matter what, it's bound to be the envy of the neighbourhood. Insulate it, and put in a mini woodstove, and you can enjoy it year round.

Drawing set includes all four elevation views, two section views, plan views, framing details.

Added Bonus: included is a detail drawing of the original RavenHouse stair design, showing dimensions and required angles to work in the Mini.

Includes a list of required materials.
PDF files

Required skills: this design requires at least basic carpentry skills to execute; these are construction plans, not step-by-step instructions.

 *Always consult your local regulations before deciding to build.

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