the Algonquin - 1640 sq.ft.


Quick Stats

  • 2 full bathrooms
  • sleeps up to 12
  • large main-floor bedroom
  • full walkout basement with bathroom and laundry

Reflecting rural farmstead homes in the north-eastern U.S. and Canada, the Algonquin combines the comfort, elegance and nostalgia of the American Farmhouse style with fully modern lifestyles in mind. Pared down to the essentials, this modern farmhouse is efficient, flexible and adaptable to a variety of building sites, family types and homeowner lifestyles.

Equally suited to both rural and suburban locations, the Algonquin’s generous and open main floor, built-in closet space, a second full bathroom and a full daylight, walkout basement with room for up to 3 additional bedrooms, a rec room or a workshop add up to a home that’s practical & hardworking.

Drawings are available in PDF format for easy printing for immediate use, or CAD files in .dwg format for professional use by your engineer or architect

The full set is comprised of 27 individual drawings spread across 7 ‘arch-D’-sized pages

  • exterior wall, roof, interior partition and floor construction assembly sections and details
  • floor plans for main, loft and basement levels
  • bathroom and kitchen interior elevations
  • detailed bathroom and kitchen floor plans
  • all 4 exterior elevations
  • 2 full longitudinal sections
  • 3 full lateral sections
  • rafter tail detail options
  • high gable window framing details
  • framing plans for roof, main floor and loft level
  • window schedule
  • door schedule


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