the Canadian Castaway Cabin - 689 sq.ft.


We are pleased to offer these blueprints designed and drawn by our friend Sacha Roy. These are the structural plans for the ‘Canadian Castaway’ cabin, designed and built by Sacha, a Canadian filmmaker, @canadiancastaway on Instagram.

If you have any questions about this design, please contact him directly at


Canadian Castaway 

These are the structural blueprints for the CanadianCastaway cabin, featured widely in a variety of online articles, including Dwell magazine.

The design of this cabin came from a long night at the tavern sketching a mashup of cabin ideas on a pizza box. The Canadian Castaway cabin was built with the help of a few friends and lots of research on how to build everything. A long learning and creative process for someone starting from scratch, but a simple design for someone with basic carpentry skills. The basic footprint is 18’ x 22’.

The drawing set includes two section views, elevation views, plan views, framing details and more.

Immediate download PDF files: on completion of your purchase,  a download link is emailed to you to securely load your plans onto any device you’d like

Please note, this cabin was not designed by RavenHouse Design. These drawings are hosted by RavenHouse Design on behalf of @canadiancastaway
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