Raven Plus Walkout - 1880 sq.ft


Sloped building sites often present both challenges as well as rare opportunities that you don't usually get with a perfectly level site, but not all designs easily adapt to a walkout-style basement.

The Raven Plus Walkout is designed to maximize space within its compact footprint, all while working with the natural contours of the land.

With the entire down-slope side in full daylight, you get 3 floors worth of bright living space without the downsides of a fully-underground basement.

With almost 1880 sq.ft. inside and a big open deck outside, this one has room for the whole crew.

Drawings are in PDF format for easy printing and immediate use. CAD files are in .dwg format for professional use by your engineer or architect

The full set is comprised of 27 individual drawings spread across 8 full-sized pages.

Drawings included:

-exterior wall, roof, interior partition and floor construction assembly sections and details

-floor plans for main, loft and basement levels

-bathroom and kitchen interior elevations

-detailed bathroom and kitchen floor plans

-all 4 exterior elevations

-2 full longitudinal sections

-3 full lateral sections

-rafter tail detail options

-high gable window framing details

-framing plans for roof, main floor and loft level

-window schedule

-door schedule

Is it almost perfect? Would you like to make some changes? We offer customizations of our stock plans, here.

With this add-on to your purchased stock plan, you’ll receive up to *5 hours of redesign, redraw & consultation time to answer your questions and get tips and insight as we take any of our stock designs and craft it into a one-of-a-kind expression of you.

*drafting time beyond 5 hours will be billed at our normal hourly rate


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