If you’ve been dreaming of building a sweet little weekend cabin for two, a comfortable summer getaway for the whole family, or a bright and efficient small home to downsize into, there’s something here for you.

Each design here is created in-house, drawing on 20+ years of real world, hands-on design and build experience. From the tiniest A-frame to the grandest Summerhouse, my aim is always to design a warm, welcoming and efficient building that’s unusually comfortable, with a timeless style that won’t look dated in just a few years.

Have a look around, and please be in touch if you have any questions. I’m always happy to help. 

- Pete

Featured Designs

the RavenHouse Original

Simply Perfect

The quintessential getaway, the RavenHouse Original blends vintage cabin aesthetics with simple modern details. There’s nothing quite like it.

the NorthEast

A reimagined classic

Inspired by the traditional summer camps of eastern North America, the NorthEast provides complete modern comfort in a perfectly classic form.

What folks are saying

“...while dreaming of buying some land in Maine and building our own cabin, I would scroll and scroll (and scroll) looking for design ideas, and would find individual things I liked but never a full vision. Until I saw the Ravenhouse. And I immediately thought ‘THIS!’ This is what I want it to feel like!”

Janice, proud owner of Cozy Rock Cabin, a modified RavenHouse ‘NorthEast’, in Maine

“DREAM IT and then DO IT! I’m so in love with this design & I’m having a blast working on it with my Father”

Laura, owner/builder of a RavenHouse ‘Original’, in Tennessee