the Raven Plus, v.2.0 - 885 sq.ft.



  • Fully insulated for 4-season living

  • 32 x 37 footprint

  • 885+ sq ft interior

  • Sleeps 4-6

  • Full-sized Bathroom

  • Full-sized Kitchen

  • Laundry

  • Sun porch

  • Materials List included
  • Right-reading reverse (‘mirrored’) version available
  • Metric and Metric RRR versions available

Thoughtful design, careful use of space, and a contemporary look matched with traditional lines settles it into the landscape. 

One of our best-selling models, the Raven Plus is the distillation of many wish-lists: the wide-open feel, fantastic light and classic proportions of the iconic RavenHouse Original combined with the modern comforts of a full bathroom, full kitchen and an easy set of stairs to the loft bedroom.

The kitchen sits to the side of the open-plan living space, its two full-glass doors provide abundant daylight and visual connection to the outdoors. The cathedral ceiling & skylights high above combined with windows all around help to blur the line between inside and out, making the interior feel much larger than its dimensions might suggest.

The bathroom is both bright and cozy, with year-round views of the sky and sunsets through the skylight above, allowing an outdoor shower feeling no matter the temperature outside. A laundry closet is fitted inside the bathroom.

Overall footprint (including decks and screened porch: 32 feet x 37 feet

12-page plan set includes:

  • Materials list
  • Floor plans
  • Exterior elevations
  • Multiple building sections
  • Construction details 
  • Exterior finishing details and options
  • Roof framing plan
  • Loft framing plan
  • Exterior deck framing plan
  • Enlarged kitchen plan detail
  • Enlarged bathroom plan detail
  • Kitchen interior elevation
  • Bathroom interior elevation

The first two photos are of a slightly modified version of this design, as built by a customer; the ‘renders’ of the exterior and interior are representative of the design drawings. 

“Love, love the modern vibe of this design, but I also love that it isn't too modern for my taste, and it still feels cozy. Since it's going in the Adirondacks a goal is to build something modern but still nod to the traditional Adirondack style.” - customer Kelsey Foster @kelseyfosterphotography

"I've been following your work for some time now - I've recently purchased a 40 acre parcel in a remote area of the eastern Sierra mountains in California, outside of Sequoia. Your Raven Plus cabin is exactly what we are looking for - simple and straightforward, yet warm looking.” - Alice Baker

Immediate download files: on completion of your purchase a download link is emailed to you, to securely load your plans onto any device you’d like, ready for printing.

PDF files (including a comprehensive materials list) are for easy printing for immediate use; CAD files are for use by your engineer or architect for design editing.

CAD vs PDF? How it works: if you do not wish to make any changes to the design, or your engineer does not require CAD files to do their work, the PDF files are your best, most economical choice.

If you later decide that you need or want the CAD files, be in touch with us at, and we’ll credit you your original purchase price of the PDF version toward the CAD version of the same design.


Is it almost perfect? Would you like to make some changes? We offer customizations of our stock plans, here.

With this add-on to your purchased stock plan, you’ll receive up to *5 hours of redesign, redraw & consultation time to answer your questions and get tips and insight as we take any of our stock designs and craft it into a one-of-a-kind expression of you.

*drafting time beyond 5 hours will be billed at our normal hourly rate

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