Easy-to-Build A-Frame Cabin - 108 sq. Ft.


To purchase this plan, please visit my Etsy store: https://petelongdesigns.patternbyetsy.com

My smallest, easiest and lowest cost-to-build design, this permit-free* cabin gives you the classic A-frame look without breaking the bank - the one in the photos was built for less than US$2500 in lumber.

The 10’ x 10’ footprint and 9’ x 12’ interior floor area lets you build it *permit-free in many jurisdictions.
With its 4’ x 12’ covered deck, this versatile little beauty really shines as a backyard office, guest sleeping bunk or studio just about anywhere you’d like to put it. Leave the framing exposed for the ultimate in simplicity, or add insulation and finish the ceiling for comfortable year-round use.

Simple to build, this is a great DIY project as a backyard getaway space or as a complement to a larger main cabin or house project. With a small team of 2-3 people this cabin can be built from start to finish in a week.

It requires no heavy machinery or specialized tools to build, and all the critical dimensions and angles are called out on the plans, so that you spend less time scratching your head trying to remember your high school geometry.

The plans also come with a list of the off-the-shelf materials required, for simple one-stop pricing and ordering from your local lumber yard or box store. If you would like to get up-to-date pricing for the required materials before you buy the plans, drop us a line and we’ll send you the materials list, free of charge.

If you’re looking for a ready-to-assemble kit for a small A-frame similar to this one, check out the beautiful package offered by The Backcountry Hut Company

*This cabin may be built without a construction permit depending on the project site and intended use. Always confirm your region’s regulations before deciding to build any project.

To purchase this plan, please visit my Etsy store: https://petelongdesigns.patternbyetsy.com

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