the NorthEast


-Fully insulated

-Can be built on any type of foundation

-Building footprint: 42’ x 23’

-Overall footprint, including both open decks: 42’ x 29’

-Interior floor area, including the loft: 880 sq ft

-Bedroom + Loft

-Full-sized kitchen & bathroom

-instant download PDF files

Inspired by the classic good looks of traditional summer cabins and camps throughout eastern North America, the RavenHouse NorthEast features soaring cathedral ceilings, fantastic acoustics, and ample natural daylighting.

With over 760 square feet of main floor space and 120 square feet of combined loft space, it is just the right size for hosting short-term rental guests, or for your own weekend getaway.

In a blend of old and new, the form is classic but the functionality and comfort are fully up to date; the large, modern, expanses of insulated glass maximize interior light - and provide amazing views of the surrounding scenery. The full— sized kitchen and bathroom make daily living easy and comfortable, even if you build deep in the wilderness  

Extra-thick walls ensure comfort and sustainability throughout the year, and the steeply sloped roof is at an ideal angle for solar panels. The undivided double height space allows the interior areas to connect and borrow space from one another. For example, the bed loft would feel cramped if it were fully enclosed; the open volume also makes the living area below feel much larger.

Whether cooking for two or an extra four overnight guests, the kitchen is both generous and efficient, with room for full-sized appliances.

The large 3-piece bathroom, with laundry, is bright and warm, its lower ceiling adding to its cosiness.

The bedroom’s upper-level loft space is bathed in sunshine and cool summer breezes through the big, operable skylight, perfect as a reading nook or office, yoga space or overflow sleeping.

22 page drawing set includes elevation views, section views, plan views, framing details, window and door schedules, interior and exterior full colour renders, woodstove detail, interior and exterior wall details, and more.

Is it almost perfect? Would you like to make some changes? We offer customizations of our stock designs, here. With this add-on to your purchased stock design plans, you’ll receive up to 7 hours of redesign, redraw & consultation time to answer your questions and get tips and insight as we take any of our standard designs and craft it into a one-of-a-kind expression of you.

Photos of @CozyRockCabin by Chris Daniele, @dirtandglass on Instagram

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 880+ sq ft
Comfortably sleeps 4
Large three-piece bathroom
Main floor bedroom with loft above
Full kitchen with full-sized appliances
Wood burning stove
Mini-split system for heat & A/C





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