the Colorado - 337 sq.ft.


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Both modern and nostalgic, the Colorado takes cues from 1970s American ski culture and the iconic A-frame cabins of that era. It has 325 square feet of interior floor area, including an entryway, a main floor living room, full bathroom, kitchenette, lofted bedroom. Elevated on piers, this 16’ x 16’ cabin is set up for long views, with a lighter touch on the land. Tall windows allow natural light to permeate the interior and highlight views. Equip yours with a wood burning stove and the cosiest furnishings for the ultimate getaway experience.

CAD vs PDF? How it works: if you do not wish to make any changes to the design, or your engineer does not require CAD files to do their work, the PDF files are your best, most economical choice.

If you later decide that you need or want the CAD files, be in touch with us at, and we’ll credit you your original purchase price of the PDF version toward the CAD version of the same design.

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