the Tofino - 715 sq ft


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  • 22’ x 32’ footprint
  • 715+ sq ft interior
  • Bed Loft
  • Full Bathroom
  • Full Kitchen
  • Covered Deck

 With over 700 square feet of free-flowing floor area and a high cathedral ceiling the Tofino feels open and bright, with clear sight lines to the outdoors.

This design is very versatile and well suited to a range of uses: off-grid cabin, lakeside cottage, ADU, backyard studio, office, guest suite, or short-term rental.For off-grid use, there is plenty of roof area for solar panels; a utility room above the bathroom neatly hides electrical and plumbing equipment. The fully insulated floor, walls and roof ensure maximum comfort and low heating costs.

The artist’s renderings and the plans show it on a pier foundation, but you can use almost any type of foundation of your own supplied design, including a full basement, crawl space and slab-on-grade. The photos of an as-built Tofino are courtesy of Silver Mine Cabin, in Kentucky.

”5 out of 5 stars, Complete and easy plans for DIY“ - Larry Credle


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