the NorthWest - 770 sq.ft.


Quick Stats

770+ sq ft
Sleeps 4-6
Large three piece bathroom
Full-sized kitchen
 Main floor bedroom with Loft
Utility/storage room
Can be built on any type of foundation

Inspired by the spirit of freedom, adventure and the dramatic landscapes of the west, the NorthWest is superbly versatile, equally at home in a mountain valley, a desert plateau or on a forested lake-view site. Sharing the same open floor plan and simple-to-build high-efficiency structure of the NorthEast, the sweeping roofline of the NorthWest draws your eyes upward, toward big skies and wide vistas, ideal for sites with long views.

Designed for natural, low maintenance finishes, the interior spaces are open and expansive-feeling, despite its quite modest proportions. Two huge glass doors and two big skylights provide the central living space with ample natural light and views to the sky and land around you. The bedroom’s long, gently sloped cathedral ceiling gives the loft space a sublime feeling, complete with its big, operable skylight for fresh air and stargazing.

21 page drawing set includes

  • Exterior elevations
  • Building sections
  • Interior and exterior wall construction details
  • Floor plans
  • Framing details
  • Window and door schedule
  • Interior and exterior full colour renders


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