the Wheelhouse Beartrap Cabin - 385 sq.ft.


We are pleased to offer these blueprints created by our friends at Wheelhouse Design in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The ‘Beartrap’ is one of their newest designs, from their series of micro-cabins custom-designed and built for their customers throughout Nova Scotia.

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The Beartrap Cabin

- 385 sq.ft. of interior floor space
- Large 3-piece bathroom
- Full kitchenette
- Loft bedroom with stair access
- Laundry
- Can be built on any type of foundation

The Beartrap Cabin was originally designed for a remote piece of Nova Scotia coastline, as the owner’s weekend getaway space. Windows throughput bring in natural light, views and summer air; the big patio door opens onto the covered deck for a seamless flow between inside and out, providing shelter and comfort on the wild and craggy site.

Designed to be a fully self contained dwelling, this lofted cabin sleeps 3, with a full kitchenette and a large bathroom with laundry. It is fully-insulated for maximum comfort in all seasons and efficient heating; add a wood stove for the ultimate cool-weather cosiness. 

The detailed construction drawings include pier & beam foundation details, floor plans, exterior elevations, framing details, wall, floor and roof sections, and a window & door schedule.



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