Design: Pete L.

9’ × 12’ / 108ft² / 10 / Loft

Anyone that has been to the original RavenHouse cabin will immediately recognize the family resemblance: lots of the Mini’s details come directly from it. This small and versatile building is easy to construct and usually does not require a building permit*.

There are two versions of the Mini: the deLuxe and the Standard.
The deLuxe version features a roof dormer with a window and a big skylight, to fill the loft with sunlight and summer breezes. Also included in the deLuxe plans are the built-in stairs of the same style as In the original RavenHouse. 

Yoga studio or backyard bunkie, cabin in the woods or zen shed, the possibilities are endless for the deLuxe.
What would you do with one?

Need something even simpler to build? The Mini Standard will make a fine little workshop, for woodworking, or gardening, or just for hanging out and enjoying the day. The loft area adds lots of storage capacity so that your main floor is kept free and clear.

*Every jurisdiction has regulations limiting the maximum size and height allowed before a permit is required. Always consult your local regulations before deciding to build.

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