Concept: Julia G.   Design: Pete L.

With its 750 square feet of floor area, open floor plan and cathedral ceiling this design is intended to feel open, bright and airy

Featuring a 3-piece bathroom, a 180 sq.ft. loft, full kitchen, lots of windows & skylights, the floor plan is free-flowing and open, its soaring cathedral ceiling helping it feel and sound like a much larger space.

For off-grid use, there is plenty of roof area for solar panels, and a small utility space above the bathroom neatly hides utility equipment. The highly insulated floor, walls and roof ensure maximum comfort and low heating costs.

As designed it sits on an insulated, frost-protected concrete 'slab-on-grade' foundation with hydronic in-floor heating; a simple and inexpensive pier and beam foundation will enable building on steeply sloped sites.

This design is well suited to a range of uses: off-grid cabin, lakeside cottage, backyard studio, office, guest suite, short-term rental...let your imagination fly.

Plans coming shortly.

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